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Desinsection is used for control of insects leaving nearby humans, that are potentially harmful by their sting, the diseases they carry, or the economic loss they can generate when damaging the foodstuff.


The desinsectionservice of PHYTO CENTER combines curative actions and precautionary monitoring for an optimal protection. We identify the best suited treatment to your infestation in order to protect your homes for as long as possible.



Crawling insects, flying insects from inside and outside working facilities and houses can cause stings, spread diseases and damage foodstuff. When they sting, mosquitoes can transmit malaria, yellow fever or dengue. Cockroaches are often spreading diseases such as salmonella, typhoid or gastroenteritis. For instance, cocoa moth can damage stored cocoa bean by eating them. They can also make them unfit to human consumption by contaminating them with their feces. By eating store good and contaminating them insects can cause massive damages and consequences regarding human consumption of these goods

We eradicate :

  • Flying insects (mosquitoes, pyrale, beetles, corn borer larvae, etc.)

  • Crawling insects (cockroaches, ants, fleas, bed bugs, etc.)

  • Les larves et autres champignons

Our services 


On site check for assessment of the infestation

Fast and adapted treatment

Use of certified products

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