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Rats and rodents have always been a problem for mankind, both for hygienic and economic reasons, needless to say they that they can undermine a company's reputation.

After examination of the trails and damages done, PHYTO CENTER staff will identify the type of rodents involved and respond with the most adequate and efficient entrapment technique, adapted to your facility and housing configuration.



Rodents voracity, number and fertility can be the consequences of massive material damage. They target human consumption food stuff as well as houses and industrial facilities. They destroy pipes, electric cables, ducts, insulating material, etc). This can lead to water leaks, floodings, electric shortcuts, fires, even a complete interruption of production equipment.


Besides the risk of material damage, rodents are dangerous for the health of your family and employees. They may carry germs and give diseases to humans and some animals. Propagation usually occurs threw feces, bites or parasites they carry.


Our services 


On site check for assessment of the infestation

Fast and adapted treatment

Use of odorless products

Protection of your pets

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